Content Creation

Experience engine

Engines that enable metaverse experiences to be created. These could be rich interactive 3d experiences with 1000’s of people or smaller 2d web experiences. Example engines:


Unreal based platform for creating high-desntiy experiences.

Music and sporting events. Large scale gameplay.

Open web engine (Playcanvas, Playground)

Open source web engines like 3js or the Playground.

Simple easy access experiences

Self hosted server running Unreal or Unity

Hosted experience using Unreal or Unity

Any smaller scale multiplayer experience

Object creation

Object creation is a very broad area. This could be an application that enables a user to create an avatar with a simple interface, it could be a rich 3d editor to create an object or some AI generative tool. The key element is the tool helps either a creator or a user create an object/avatar and creates an MML object at the end. Examples:

ServiceDescriptionUse case

Web based enabling collaboration

Can create anything

Web based enabling only certain levels of control

Generative AI tool means anyone can create object

Tool is early may not create correct item

Avatar creation

Avatars are technically just another form of object, but we have broken out avatar creation into a separate bucket as we imagine there will be many tools/libraries specifically for the creation of avatars. Examples would include:

ServiceDescriptionUse case

Realistic 3d avatar creator

Creating avatars that look like you based on photos.

Create stylised personalized avatars

Creating more stylised avatars.

MSquared Avatar Builder

Create stylised avatars compatible with M2 experiences

Creating random avatars guaranteed to work across M2 experiences

Object libraries

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