Metaverses are end user experiences where people can engage with each other in some form. This could be in an interactive game, a concert style experience or a formal meeting/workplace.

The MSquared project will be one of the major applications to be built on top of the Somnia chain and protocol. MSquared has already supported many high profile public events using its origin platform for partners such as Kosmopop (Twice), MLB and Edison.

These projects are all on the MSquared Network and an ambition of the Somnia project is to use MSquared as a channel for rapid adoption of the protocol and blockchain, these projects are examples of the potential reach we could achieve.

Other experiences


Collections are NFT collections that import themselves onto the Somnia protocol. This will then allow them to be associated with interoperable objects/avatars which can be used across experiences. The range of types of collections is quite large but here are some examples:

  • PFP projects - Pudgy penguins, Forgotten Runes

  • Existing metaverse collections - Sandbox, Decentraland collections

  • Placeable objects - Runestones, EtherRocks


The browser would be a universal front end which users can use to browse metaverses and mapps on the network. Somnia is building a first party browser, but we imagine a future with a competitive market where anyone can build a browser (similar to game distribution or web3 wallets).

Profile Viewer

Profile viewers are a class of applications that allow users to view themselves, the items they own and their friends. These are similar to Steam accounts but based on on-chain data. We envision these would often be built into the metaverse browser but there could also be Mapps that browsers hook into.

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