Somnia is a project initiated by the Virtual Society Foundation. This project aims to realize the potential of the metaverse and to help create fulfilment and value for all of us.

To do this Somnia is going to enable what we refer to as “the Metaverse computer”. This will enable all people, places and things in the metaverse to be on-chain, interoperable and composable. This is essential for a future metaverse that is not controlled by one mega corporation and where value flows to its participants.

The Somnia project will encompass a set of technologies and an ecosystem around it. These include a new high performance L1 Blockchain, a protocol for interoperable and composable content and a consumer facing browser to interact with the network (the metaverse browser).

This project is supported by Improbable and you can see some of the inspiration for the project in the M² codex. Improbable will be contributing to some of the key technical components (the Blockchain) but the project will require a host of people to fufill its vision (see Ecosystem).

This is the first public version of a document outlining a project with many parts. We fully anticipate revisions, changes and community-driven modifications to our plans at this early stage, so please bear this in mind when exploring the Codex.

This document goes into detail of the mission, problem and proposed solution that Somnia will undertake. Welcome to the start of a new virtual society where the creator economy can thrive.

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