The web-based Playground, is a feature that allows Content Creators to quickly and easily spin up web-hosted metaverse experiences in a β€œsandbox” environment.

The Playground offers a suite of intuitive, web-based authoring tools that facilitate the rapid iteration and publishing of metaversal experiences that interoperate with the Somnia Network. This allows Content Creators to test their ideas and creations without having to deploy them onto server infrastructure, thereby saving time and resources. From immersive virtual environments to interactive games and educational experiences, Playground provides a platform for Content Creators to experiment, innovate, and bring their unique visions to life.

In addition to its utility for Content Creators, Playground also serves as a demonstration tool for the Somnia Network. Here, Network Participants can explore how the Protocols and infrastructure can be combined end-to-end to create a metaversal economy. An example of this is validating that a User owns an object and is only able to spawn it based on ownership (utilising the Object Protocol) or having a shop to sell items from the Marketplace Protocol.

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