The Somnia Project requires contributors building specific elements needed for an open, connected metaverse. In this section we break down the parts of the wider ecosystem and explain some of the existing partnerships and their roles.

Note this is not exhaustive but should give readers an idea of the layers we see are needed for the metaverse and where we see opportunities. First let’s explain the layers:

  • Experiences - These are the places or things the end user will experience on the network.

  • Content creation - These are tools used to create content that an end user would consume.

  • Off-chain Infrastructure - These are key infrastructure components that metaverse owners and content creators would leverage to publish content.

  • On-chain Infrastructure - This is infrastructure that sits at the decentralized layer that no one entity owns/runs.

  • Standards - These are standards that unify the ecosystem and ensure interoperability and composability across the stack.

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