Web3 Infrastructure

Web3 Infra are components that are run on the Somnia chain or very closely linked to a chain.


Wallets allow users to access assets on the chain. Examples of existing wallets that could be integrated: Metamask, Rainbow wallet, OKX wallet.

Identity Protocols

Identity is a complex topic for the Somnia network. We ideally would like to work with a selection of third party protocols to enable a universal identity for users on the Somnia network. This would allow the user to take their name, their things and their friends across experiences. Examples of identity protocols we are watching closely:


As more metaverses join the network we envision users will need to move seamlessly between currencies those metaverses use. For this we would imagine on-chain Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) to solve this purpose. Some examples of DEXs that could be deployed:

  • AMM - A Uniswap style DEX

  • CLOB - Due to the performance of the Somnia chain a full CLOB could be deployed


Launchpads would serve as a way for projects to be funded to join the network. This could be a DApp built on the chain/protocols, an experience or another ecosystem component.

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