Experience Browser (Events Browser)

The Experience Browser is a powerful tool that allows Users to navigate and discover unique experiences within different metaverses across the Somnia Network. You can think of this similar to the Roblox discovery view but built on top of a decentralized protocol. This means that others could easily build these front ends in the future.

The Experience Browser operates as a natural extension of the Somnia Network's commitment to interoperability and accessibility. It provides a unified interface that collates experiences from across the Somnia Network's multiverse of digital worlds, making it easier for Users to explore the full breadth of available experiences.

In addition to individual user exploration, the Experience Browser is also a promotional tool for Metaverse owners and developers. By listing their experiences on the Browser, Metaverse owners and developers can increase the visibility and reach of their content, attracting a wider audience from across the Somnia Network.

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