Off-chain Infrastructure

Blockchain Infra

This is a very broad category. It’s all the infrastructure/middleware needed to operate a blockchain. This would include things like: indexers, block explorers, RPC providers etc.

Object Services

Object services are also quite a broad category. We break them down into 4 key areas: storage, computation, optimization and moderation. Some examples of these services are:


ServiceDescriptionUse case

Permissioned storage solution.

Designed for items where copyright protection is paramount.

Open decentralized immutable storage

Objects you want to be stored and not change

Decentralized permanent storage solution

Objects you want to last forever

Object Computation

A computation environment to simulate objects on the network:


Highly scalable, permissioned execution service for MML

Community operated open MML execution service

Own hosted server

Hosting MML objects on your own web server.

Object Optimization

A pipeline that enables assets to be used across different experiences on the network:


Standardised optimization enabling asset to work across MSquared experiences

Own hosted algorithm

Algorithm that you create to optimize assets so that they work across the network

NFT Minting

NFT minting services would enable creators and users to easily mint NFTs and put them either on the Somnia chain or another chain. We have separated these out from other blockchain infra as they could work on any chain. Examples: iMintify, MintFoundry, HeyMint Launchpad

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